Summer and Holiday Jobs for Teenagers

If you are a teenager, then your ability to earn money is curtailed most of the year by your school work load. That means that during the summer and holidays, you need to make up for lost time. These are great opportunities to acquire the extra spending money you need for during the school year.

What kinds of jobs are the best for you to look for during these times? Check out our suggestions for the best holiday and summertime jobs for teenagers.

It's not glamorous, but retail work is probably the easiest to come by, especially during the end of the year holidays. This is the busiest time of year for retail stores, and that's convenient for you because it is when you have the most time off other than summer. The earlier you apply the better, so you can get in to a position before a ton of other teenagers begin to apply. You may be able to start during the summer when stores are also busy, and then cut back your hours until the end of November when business picks up, and you start to have a lot of time off. It may not be the best pay, but it's steady and you will be sure to see a lot of hours when you want them.

Fast food is another type of business that is always hiring during the summer. When kids are out of school for holidays or during the summer, they will inevitably be begging to go to their favorite burger place. Parents indulge their kids during these times. Also, older kids will be hanging out there a lot. It means extra business, and that means a need for more employees. If you can handle asking a classmate if they want fries with that, then this is a good way to earn some extra cash when you have time off. Turn over is high, and fast food restaurant are just about always willing to hire you, especially if you look respectable. Again, this is a job where you can stay on between breaks and just work fewer hours. That means once you are in, you won't have to search for a new job the next holiday or summer. You can just ask for an hour increase.

Lifegaurding is a great summer job if you love to soak up the sun and are a strong swimmer. You may need to take a licensing test in the spring so be sure to apply early if you are trying out for this type of job. This is a fun summer job for a responsible teen. There are not as many jobs available the rest of the year, but indoor pools often have lifeguards too, so check with colleges, hotels, or other areas with open pool access, and see if they need help.

These are just a few ways that you can earn a little extra money during your holidays and summer off from school. It may not be your favorite list of things to do, but you'll be happy when your classmates are whining about being broke, and you have everything you need.


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