Saturday and Weekend Jobs for Teenagers

Jobs for fourteen or fifteen year olds can be many if you are willing to work on weekends or Saturdays.

Some of them are delivering flyers, gardening, washing cars, babysitting, retail, hospitality, modelling, and other jobs that your parents might assign you.

Delivering flyers is actually as simple as putting flyers in people's postboxes. If you don't know where to go and apply for a job, just check your own postbox. The flyers that you find are the companies where you should go and ask for a position. Some of them can be taxi companies, food takeaway and delivery businesses, and many others.

Washing cars in another great weekend job for teens. This job is very easy and you don't need much more than soap, a bucket, a sponge, and a piece of shammy leather for drying. Ask your parents if they have some of these elements.

You can begin by washing your parents' car, and then move on to other relatives, friends of the family and neighbours' cars. If you are hard-working and they like the result, they will recommend you to other potential clients and you will be able to earn more money.

If what you like is being outdoors and moving a lot, gardening can be your perfect Saturday job. You can learn how to do it with your parents at your garden and then offer yourself to neighbours and other people that might want you to take care of their garden.

Always remember that gardening tools are potentially dangerous and you need to be very careful while handling them in order to avoid injuries. The best option is to have adult supervision at all times.

If you want to work at home, ask your parents what you can do for them and what would they pay you for. Some chores that you can get paid to do are gardening, car washing, tidying, cleaning, and any other thing that your parents may ask you to do. You can begin doing this for other neighbours and friends, and this will allow you to negotiate charging higher rates.

Don't miss the opportunity of helping your parents if they have a business or are self-employed. They might have some tasks for you and you could get some extra money. A typical job you could do is to help them with their computer needs. As a 14-year-old, you surely have more computer skills than your parents.

Other jobs that teenagers can develop on weekends or Saturdays are hospitality jobs, retailing, and working with animals. Those are listed below.


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