Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Jobs for Teenagers

It sounds difficult to handle a part-time jobs for teenagers and all the high school tasks at the same time. You have to attend classes, do homework, attend extracurricular activities, and you want your time to be with your friends. But don't worry, it is not impossible to work and study at the same time. Millions of teens work and manage to accomplish their responsibilities.

Part-time jobs for teenagers aged 15


Tutoring kids can pay a good money to those that know how to help other kids and teenagers succeed. You can take kids and teach them to read, or you can help your classmates with some subject that they cannot manage to pass. There are some corporate tutoring entities out there, like Sylvan Learning Centre, but you can offer yourself as a freelance and charge less than those entities and promise a more close and personal learning experience.

Private tutors can earn even more than babysitters, and can choose the working time they want. However, this job requires that you really know and want to help other learn difficult concepts for them. This a win-win job for 15 year olds teenagers, because you can make good money and choose your working hours.

Web Designer

One of the best and good paid jobs for teenagers 15 Year Old is designing, creating, and developing websites. At the end of the day, nearly every business needs a web page, and you can be the one to sell it to them.

Taking as an example web designers in Burbank, California, a full-time job can give you some $68,000 a year. Because you are only 15 year olds teenager you still need to go to school, you have to work part-time, but the pay is still pretty good, if you manage to gather a good list of clients. If you don't mind spending a lot of time in front of a computer, and like working at the times you choose, this can be a great teenage job or even a business that continues after you have finished studying.

Retail Jobs for Teenagers 15 Year Olds

A retail job usually involves being behind a counter and making phone calls to magazines and pharmaceuticals. The job is easy and match to 15 year olds teenagers, and working with customers can be enjoyable. There is also a good employment opportunity after you finish studying.

Some of the advantages of retail jobs for 15 year old teenagers are discounts in merchandise, light schedules, share the work with other 15 year old teens, and an amusing work environment. Disadvantages include dealing with angry customers, receiving minimum wage, and working during weekends. Here you can learn to be responsible, manage money, and deal effectively with customers.

Arts and Crafts Production and Sales

Those of you that possess artistic skills may enjoy creating different objects and selling them during holidays. A propitious moment for this business is the winter holidays. When the year approaches its ends, many churches, schools, and other social centres hold fairs and markets where you can sell Christmas ornaments and even gifts.

In the summer you can try and sell jewellery and other types of ornaments in summer fairs and art festivals. You need to pay for the rent of a table or a booth. The price of the rent is variable, but if you manage to find a business partner, the cost won't be that high. Bear in mind that this business cannot bring in steady incomes, because of its sporadic and unpredictable nature. Also you need to know how much you spend on supplies and rents in order to have a positive balance. A great alternative can be selling online on sites like Etsy.

Pizza Delivery

As a 15 year olds teen you can look for the job of pizzas delivering. This work doesn't pay a lot, but you get to receive tips. The job consists in driving from the pizza place to different homes and deliver the pizzas to the customers.

When you work delivering pizzas you obtain a sense of autonomy, and it is great to listen to the music you like while you are working. You become more responsible when you are required to deliver on time and collect money. Also you gain driving experience with your own vehicle. This job may not be glamorous, but you can make good money if you have the right attitude and enjoy your time at work.

The big disadvantage is that this job can be dangerous sometimes. Drivers delivering pizzas can be assaulted or robbed.


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