Jobs for 14 Year Olds

There are many motivations for working part-time while studying. The majority of high school jobs don't bring in a lot of money, but they teach you valuable knowledge and experiences. When you are working, you learn how to be in a team, how to develop your personal and social skills, how to manage money, how to be responsible and professional, and how to build a solid self-esteem and a base for future success. Having a part-time job is a great experience as long as you manage to keep up with classes and friends.

Part-time jobs for teenagers aged 14


Babysitting is one of the most popular part-time job among teenagers of 14 year olds. Nearly everyone in high school babysits at least once for a younger sibling or a neighbour. One of the best things about babysitting is that you normally are required to work on Fridays and Saturdays. You have all the rest of the week left for classes and homework.

Babysitting pays well. Some babysitters can earn something between $12-$15 an hour. The rate depends mostly on the babysitter's age, and some can earn even more than that.

The highest demand is always for CPR-certified babysitters. You can take an intensive training course for babysitters at the Red Cross. This course takes only one day, and you will learn first aid, changing diapers, feeding techniques, and some tips for interviews.

If you are interested in babysitting, you need to obtain recommendations, references, and word of mouth referrals. You need to show your best behaviour if you want to be hired again. It is sometimes challenging to manage little children, but what makes this job perfect for teenagers 14 year olds is that you set your own working hours, the pay you receive, and lets you work with kids if that is what you like. If you want to get your first babysitting job, you can check or

Document and Photograph Archival Services

Take the chance of working with photographs and documents everyone needs scanned and digitalized. There are families with hundreds of paper photographs that they would like to digitalize and keep online or in their computers. This is an exhausting and time-consuming task that you could carry out and charge for it.

The best and easiest way to start this business is to work with your parents and their acquaintances. Offer yourself to archive documents in Google Docs or scan and store photographs on DVDs, web pages, and computers.

Before beginning to work, agree with the client the final price, according to the number of documents and the amount of time you think you will spend until completing the task. You could charge some $0,25 for a photograph and $0,35 for a document page. This work can get a little tedious, and you need to be careful with documentation and photograph in order to avoid damaging them.

Grocery Store Employee

14 year olds teenagers can apply for jobs at grocery stores at all times of the year. Some of the jobs offered are bagging groceries, stocking shelves, mopping floors, or operating cash registers. Don't expect to earn more than the minimum wage at a grocery store. There are grocery stores that have unionized cash register operator, you can earn a bit more at those jobs than at the others listed above.

The teenage job at a grocery store doesn't bring in a large income, but is has some advantages, like short work shifts, discounts, and flexible schedules. If you get a great teenage job job at Trader Joe's, you may need to work in a different area of the store every day.

There are complaints from some 14 year olds teenagers about having to pay union dues while working at determined grocery stores. This is true when that particular store is unionized.

Landscaper/Lawn Care

This is the perfect job for those teens who want to work outside and enjoy some sunshine while getting paid. It is important for many people that their garden looks great, and they pay very well for mowing and trimming services. Some people pay $175 for 4 monthly visits of the landscaper. If you manage to find five of those people, one for each day of the week, you can obtain a good income at the end of the month.

If you live in a cold climate, you can take care of gardens in the summer and shovel snow from side walks and driveways in the winter. If your family already has a lawnmower, you can use it to start this business.

In this teenage job you are likely to be hot and bored, but there are more advantages than disadvantages. Think about selecting your clients, being outdoors, and choosing how much to charge.


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