Jobs for 13 Year Olds

Before you begin your working adventure, make sure that it is legal for minors get a job where you live. Each state has different regulations about this aspect. Some states prevent minors from working in determined occupations or during school hours. Other states require that the teenager maintains a certain average grade while they work.

Part-time jobs for teenagers aged 13

When you are a teenager you have the advantage of choosing an entrepreneurial type of job instead of the traditional part-time jobs. You only need to find the type of business that requires the skills you already possess. Many 13 year old teens think of setting up their own business for many reasons. Some of them are the hours flexibility, the better pay and the fact that you are your own boss.

Here you can find a list of some of the most popular entrepreneurial jobs and part-time occupations for teenagers, along with some advantages and disadvantages for each one.

Jobs for Teenagers 13 Year Olds: Packing and Moving Services

There are many services of moving and packing for people who need help, but cannot afford the rates of full-service moving companies. This job consists in packing and loading possessions and furniture into a truck. Professional movers are insured and bonded. If you don't want to take on this expense, you can go to your local packing and moving services and ask if they need some extra help, like on weekends.

This teenage job can be exhausting, especially on the hottest days of the year. It is important to stay hydrated and take occasional breaks. Expect minimum wage or slightly higher pay. There are tips, but they are normally split among all the workers.

Personal Assistant Services

The adults that live near you need many small tasks done, and don't always have the time to do them by themselves. That is why you need to offer yourself as their personal assistant. Some of the tasks you can do are walking dogs or wrapping gifts. At the beginning the tasks will be very determined, but when you gain the trust of your clients, they will ask you do to more and more different things. If you are interested in setting up this type of business, you can pass out a flyer around your neighbours with the services you offer.

Decide how much you will charge for every service depending on the time it takes to be completed and how competitive you want to be. Around $10 an an hour can be a good rate for a personal assistant. Bear in mind that sometimes you have to be responsible for things that escape your control, like an uneducated dog that runs away.

Warehouse and Distribution Job

This job is perfect for those who spend all the day at school or extracurricular activities, because it requires you to work in the evenings. However, some muscle using is needed, because you have to load and unload inventory in distribution centres and warehouses.

This teenage job pays the minimum wage, although there are some opportunities of rising the pay after some time. You can avoid monotonousness at this teenage job if you stay focused and don't stop moving.

Restaurant Wait Staff

Professional wait staff at restaurants receive a pay well below the minimum wage. For example, Rhode Island law states that a minimum of $2,89 must be paid to wait staff. Sometimes customers are very annoying and shifts may require you to work until late in the evening, but this job can be very fun. Fellow employees are normally very sympathetic, you get to receive tips, and you can eat for free or with a discount during your shift.

At this job for teenagers you learn to be patient, treat customers properly, manage money, handle and prepare food, and multi-task. All these skills can be very useful in a lot of professional careers you can develop after high school. Being a waiter is very popular among 13 year old teens, both during the year and vacations. It offers flexible schedules and a determined number of weekly shifts.

Animal Shelter Worker

This can be a great teenage job for 13 year olds teenagers thatlover animal. Shelters need minimum-wage workers to clean the cages of the animals and also to spend some valuable time with them. This job can appeal 13 year old teens who are thinking of becoming vets or other related professions, as it providers real-life hands-on experience with animals in trouble.

Bear in mind that part-time workers at shelters have to do some dirty job. Apart from cleaning up a lot of mess, you may be asked to assist in the euthanasia of ill animals. This job becomes messy, sad, and even heart-wrenching, but for many people helping out those poor animals compensates for all the uncomfortable moments. This is a good teenage job for those who really care about animal well being. If you want more information, you can check The Humane Society's Top Reasons to Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter.

Car Wash Attendant

This job is a great success for those 13 year olds teenagers who live in a warm climate or work only during the summer months. At this job you avoid one of the most annoying parts of any job: being bored. This job keeps you busy all day long.

There are some disadvantages though, like receiving minimum wage, ruining some pieces of clothes, and getting soaking wet. The advantages are that you receive tips and you job is outside. And don't forget the free washes for your car!


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