How to Make Money at the age of 12

When you're 12 years old it's not easy to make money. And, it's almost impossible to find anyone who will hire you. Yet there are a lot of 12 year olds out there that want to know how to earn the extra money they need to buy the things they want.

And let's face it, not every 12 year old is into mowing lawns and baby sitting. I mean come off it. Why is it that as soon as you tell someone that you're 12 and you want to make money they tell you about things like shoveling snow or walking dogs?! I mean not everyone is into that. Yeah, and maybe you're not into making friendship bracelets and selling them or writing poems for money either.

So what's a kid to do? How can you make money at the age of 12? Well one way is by selling things that people want or think they need. Sales is one of those professions that's been around from the beginning of time. And just about anybody at any age can make money from selling. But how to make money at the age of 12 when you don't have anything to sell? Well, the answer might be simpler than you think. Because you're 12, you have to learn to think outside of the box. You have to come up with ideas that are creative and unique.

What To Sell to Make Money at the Age of 12

One idea for products that you can sell and make money from when you're 12 is by selling digital products such as ebooks that you you've purchased for resale. Ebooks are perfect for you to sell if you're young. The reason is that once you get your hands on a bunch of ebooks that you have the license to resell, you can keep selling them over and over again and never have to replenish your stock - unless you want to.

That's the beauty of selling digital products. Ebooks and other digital products are stored on the hard drive of your computer. You don't have to worry about a storefront or storage fees. You don't have to worry about replenishing your stock and you don't have to worry about the product going out of style or fashion. AND, on top of that, you can keep selling the same product over and over again and keep 100% of the money you make.

And because the product you're selling is stored on your computer, you make 100% PURE PROFIT. YIPPEE! How many products can you think of that fits into that category? Not many, I'm sure.

Where To Get Cheap Digital Products For Resale

But where can you get a bunch of cheap ebooks that you can resell? Well, lots of places. You can buy them cheap on ebay and other places. Also, there are sites such as Master Resale Rights Directory where you can get resell products. Master resell products are products you can buy and resell. You even get a free website that you can upload and start selling. Or you can sell the ebooks individually or in small bundles.

Where to Sell

As mentioned above, once you buy a bunch of ebooks (with resale rights), the next thing you need to do is to market them. And as many people will tell you, when you have something to sell, always start with the people you know. Go ahead! Dont' be shy. Show people what you have for sale. Tell all your friends at school and your relatives. Send out emails to all the people you know. Practice your sales and marketing skills on the people that are closest to you.

After that, you can expand out a bit. For one thing, you can sell your ebooks at online auction sites. And of course, there are a lot of auction sites other than just ebay. There are a bunch of them that we discussed in this article: 19 Of The Best And Most Profitable Online Auction Sites To Sell On And Make Money. Visit all the auction sites on the list and see which one is best for you and the ebooks you're trying to sell. Then, make a listing on each and every one that's suitable for you.

Also, you can set up a blog for yourself and list the ebooks that you're trying to sell. If you get the 112 ebook package from us, then you'll be a lot better off because you get free website that you can just edit and upload to a web host. But whether you go that route or you decide on a free blog, it doesn't matter much. The point is to get the word out as much as possible.

Getting The Word Out

Now don't just build your blog or website and let it sit there and expect the money to just come rolling in. You gotta get out there and do some marketing. For this, you can add a link to your ebooks on your myspace page or any other social networking sites that you belong to. Also, if you belong to any online forums, put a link to your ebooks in your signature and start telling people about the great new ebooks that you're selling. Don't forget enthusiasm. If you're not enthused about the products you're selling, don't expect anyone else to be.

Collecting Money

If you're going to be making money online, then obviously you'll need a way to collect money online. The easiest way of course, is Paypal.Com. But there are a lot of other ways to collect money online.

If you're young and wondering how to make money at the age of 12, then obviously you may need the help of a parent, older sibling or another relative to help you setup one of the above payment processors discussed in the article above. But let's face it, you can't always go it alone. And remember, even though you're 12, you can make money. And you can do it in more ways than shoveling snow, mowing lawns and babysitting.


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