How To Make $20 an Hour Doing Simple Work

Many people would love to make $20 an hour. But $20 an hour doing back breaking work would not be much fun at all.

But what if you could make $20 an hour doing very simple work? Sounds incredulous? Well that's what we thought, however, we found a website where hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are doing just that. At first we though it was a scam but then we kept hearing from a number of people who said they were making good money from it. So, we here at Teen Money Making Ideas, had 2 of our researchers investigate the claims we heard. First, we had one of our researchers sign up for their program, and the second one went over the site with a fine tooth comb.

Make $20 an Hour

The conclusion? You can indeed make $20 an hour from this website doing very simple work. The "work" is often referred to as "get paid to" Programs or GPT - as it's commonly known. And as for the site that I'm referring to, it's called Cash Crater. At Cash Crater, anyone 13 years old and older can make money by completing surveys and offers. An example of an offer is signing up for a free trial through Blockbuster Video. And an example of a survey is to participate in a survey about "Nike vs Adidas". Some of the offers require you to have a credit card to participate, however, many of them don't. If you use your credit card for one of the offers - for example, to sign up for a 14 day free trial at Blockbusters - you may be requested to enter your credit card information, however, don't forget to cancel before the end of the free trial period so you don't incur a charge. Also, if you don't have a credit card or don't want to use one, you can just skip over the ones that require that for participation and go straight for the ones that don't. If you do decide to only participate in offers that don't require a credit card, there are still lots and lots of offers for you to choose from.

When you log into your account, you will be able to sort the offers that they have from highest to lowest if you choose. The resulting search will list the best paying offers from the most to the least. The best paying offers pay about $20 each and go down from there - and there are usually lots of these! The search results will also indicate which offers require a credit card to participate. It will also tell you how much you'll receive for completing the offer.

Cash Crater earns their money from advertising revenue that they make from companies who partner with them to present the offers. They then pass on 75% of this revenue to people like me and you.

Our first researcher found that after signing up for the site, she was able to make $12 in the same day after just completing 2 offers.

Another way she found that she could make money was to take part in the daily 80 cents survey that occurs every 24 hours at the site. Also, you can make an extra $100-$200 monthly through the free trial offers available in the Complete Offers section of the site.

Payments through the site take place around the 20th of the following month after reaching the $10 minimum payout. And we're happy to say that our researcher has gotten paid several times since signing up as a member. She also reported that although she didn't make $20 an hour every time due to the fact that she didn't always find offers and surveys that she was interested in, it was easy to make $20 at the end of each day that she signed into her account. Not bad for just sitting in front of your computer.

After researching dozens of GPT sites, we found that there are a lot of scams out there, however, Cash Crater is not one of them. They are indeed legitimate and our 2nd researcher found dozens of people in their forum who will attest to this. Unlike many GPT sites, you don't have to be a member to enter Cash Crater's discussion forum to see what members have to say. There, you will find the site's administrators are very attentive to the needs of the members. Not only that, you'll also find dozens and dozens of satisfied members, many of whom make thousands of dollars per month just from Crater Cash alone.

Just about anyone can join Cash Crater provided that you're over 13 years old. Another good thing about Cash Crater is that it doesn't matter what country you're from, you can still participate in their program - although we did find that people from English speaking countries had more offers available to them.

To make $20 an hour is not an impossible task. However, it's unlikely that you'll find too many other ways that are legitimate, where you can make $20 an hour easier than this.


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