How to Find Weekend Job

Modern people, especially young people, chase material possessions and cannot resist excessive consumption. Their income is inadequate to meet the expense. To solve this problem, they seek a new way to make money. As a result, part-time weekend jobs and evening jobs appear and gradually become the most popular way to earn extra money. Here we go into weekend jobs in particular.

Weekend job is not a something new to all over the world. It has been very popular for a few years. A latest employment report reveals that more than 20 million people are taking up part time weekend jobs. Furthermore, this figure is an underestimate and still increasing. More than 70% of white collar workers would like to engage in weekend jobs and develop their potential to the full. Therefore, people's main concern is how to find weekend job and do it well.

At present, the means of looking for weekend jobs can be divided into four types: agent, newspaper, internet and friend's recommendation.


This is the first platform which provides part-time job information for individuals. The types of jobs it provides often include production, retail, tutor, survey and so on. As new weekend jobs appear and increase rapidly, more and more people intend to get weekend jobs. However, because of imperfect laws, part-time workers may be cheated by some bad agents. Thus, the reliability of agents is lower.


There is lots of part-time job information in the newspaper, especially the employment paper. So it is a common way for people to seek weekend jobs.


This is a low-cost way to publish employment information so that it has been widely applied by employers. The advantages of recruiting online are very obvious to employers, for instance, their employment information will not be limited by districts. Thereby, they have more opportunities to find their ideal employees. In addition, internet makes it convenient to save, classify and establish talent database. To weekend job hunters, it is very easy to register online and upload resume. They can even apply for more job position and submit their resumes to more than one company. It can be called as a time-saving and effort-saving method.

Friend's recommendation

Friend's recommendation can not be ignored. Sometimes, they may show you right way and give valuable advice to you.

We have summed up above four effective ways of looking for weekend jobs. It cannot be denied that there are also other approaches. Everyone can select the most suitable way on the basis of his own condition.


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