How to Find a Job at Kmart as a Teenager?

How Old do You Have to be to Work at Kmart?

Before you find out how old do you have to be to work at Kmart, it will help to know something about the kinds of jobs available. Even though Kmart is mostly known for its retail stores, there are many other places where you can work. This includes distributing products from the warehouse to stores, and working as a repair technicians. Kmart has a lot of jobs that that could be good for teens and college students.

Teens that are enrolled in vocational programs in high school can apply for technician jobs, while others can work in stores, or managing customer calls. If you are in college, or planning to attend college, you may also be able to apply for an internship. It doesn't matter what position that you start out in, there is always plenty of room for a job in Kmart.

So, How old do you have to be to work at Kmart? While some states will allow younger teens to work, you must be at least 16 years old to work at Kmart. What Does Kmart Look for in an Employee?

  • If you're working with customers you have to be helpful.
  • A neat, clean appearance and friendly attitude.
  • Punctual, honest, and reliable.
  • Must pay attention to details and keep all paperwork well organized.
  • You should be able to manage customers politely and efficiently regardless of their mood or their reason for being upset.
  • Employees at Kmart should always be self-disciplined and remain focus on job tasks at all time. While working, you should avoid texting or chatting on the cell phone.

Normal Job Duties at Kmart:

A great deal will depend on which job you apply for. Store based duties might include:

  • managing cash register, customer returns, and restocking
  • assisting customers in finding items in the store
  • janitorial work
  • assisting with inventory counts

Repair technicians might be responsible for:

  • driving to customer homes and repairing large machines
  • testing small appliances at the repair facility
  • trouble shooting customer calls

Warehouse workers may:

  • lift heavy palletes or perform inventory counts
  • prepare shipping and receiving orders

Things to Consider When Applying at Kmart:

Once you know how old do you have to be to work at Kmart, you should make certain that you are willing to be bound by application and code of conduct policies set forth by the franchise. This includes:

  • willingness to submit to drug screening on a routine basis.
  • you will need to submit an application that includes information about hours of availability.
  • you may be required to work on holidays.
  • potential employees will need to be interviewed prior to being hired.
  • you may be asked to relocate to a different area or store.


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