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How Old do you Have to be to Work at Burger King?

If you want a job now, then you may be able to look to Burger King to help you get one right away. In fact, everything you do at Burger King will be the living embodiment of their main saying "Have it your way". Teens that have this kind of outlook towards customers are sure to enjoy working at Burger King.

If you want to know the answer to "How old do you have to be to work at Burger King," then you should think about the typical work environment found in a Burger King restaurant to see if it's for you. If you can handle multiple tasks at once, and have an eye for detail, then you will always find plenty of work to do at Burger King. In fact, if you show you're a hard worker you may just be able to open your own Burger King restaurant one day.

So, How Old do you Have to be to Work at Burger King?

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Burger King.

What Does Burger King Look for in an Employee?

  • Quick thinking, agile, and friendly.
  • Pay attention to the smallest detail of a customer order.
  • Able to thrive in stressful situations.
  • Comfortable with being seen in public or in a crowd.
  • Punctual and ethical.
  • Willingness to give customers what they want.
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to work in a high pressure, high performance team.

Normal Job Duties at Burger King:

  • Take customer orders via drive up window and in the restaurant.
  • Assemble trays and bags for customer takeouts.
  • Keep bathroom, dining area, and parking lot clean.
  • Ensure that the work environment is clean, safe, and in compliance with all regional public health codes.

Things to Consider When Applying at Burger King:

Once you know more about how old do you have to be to work at Burger King, you should give some thought to the position that you would like to have. In-restaurant job titles include: team member, shift coordinator, assistant manager, and restaurant general manager. If you have a business major from high school, or plan to major in marketing in college, you may be able to successfully apply for entry level corporate field openings after you graduate high school.

During work hours, you will have to focus on the work at hand. Idle chit-chat and lack of discretion are not allowed. Also, some franchise owners may require routine drug screening.

How to apply to Burger King:

  • Online Application is one way to apply.
  • Store Locator - so you can find the nearest one near you to apply to.
  • Follow Burger King on Twitter so you can get tweets about when and if they're hiring in your area.
  • Become a Fan of Burger King on Facebook - Since the Burger King franchise owns restaurants in many different countries, you will need to do a search for Burger King while logged into our Facebook account. From there, you can select a group that matches your country.

Good luck in your job search! :)


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