3 Good Ways For Teens To Make Money!

I was telling my daughter the other day about growing up without cell phones, computers and even television, I only saw television for the first time when I was 13 years of age.

Needless to say she finds it hard to believe. As for the computer it has opened up a whole world of good ways for teens to make money.

As we all know computers and the Internet is here to stay and it is a fact that in the future we'll find countless new ways in which to make it more relevant to our daily lives, so I don't think it will be too far fetched to predict that any teenager familiarizing him or her with online business will be wasting their time or effort.

There are a number of good ways for teenagers to make money using their computers:

1. They can play games and write reviews for them and get paid. They can get other teens to play games or download music, ring tones and get paid per lead.

2. They can design web pages for local businesses or design the graphics for their web pages. Why not offer a repair service or help with downloading and installing software to people who need the expertise. Trust me your teenager knows more about computers than many adults do.

3. My favorite of the good ways for teens to make money is affiliate marketing. There are countless stories of high school and college students who started their businesses whilst still studying and building it into major concerns as they matured. Given the right encouragement you or your teenager could do the same.

I truly believe that some kind of computer skill should be at the top of your list when considering good ways for teens to make money. I say it without a doubt because the founders of the affiliate training course that I use started whilst still at school; initially just for some extra money but eventually it grew into a million dollar business.

The great thing is that unlike a surgeon you don't have to study for 12 or 16 years before you qualify and earn the big bucks. Most average people can earn 5 figures per month with in 12 to 16 months applying the knowledge taught in the "Make Money Today", not to bad, isn't it?

You go on and dedicate 12 to 16 years to this business and you will never have to work again. So I definitely recommend affiliate marketing as my 1st choice when it comes to good ways for teens to make money. In fact I cannot help but wonder how long it will take you to grab hold of this advice and start your own journey to financial freedom.


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